Renova safety boots are manufactured from PVC and Nitrile to give a seamless watertight construction. 200 joule steel toe cap, slip resistant and anti-static are just some of the key features The toe cap protects the wearer’s toes against risk of injury from falling objects and crushing when worn in work environments where potential hazards may occur. The midsole protects against the foot being pierced by underfoot object

The primary purpose of a pair of Renova protective boot is to protect the feet from accidental injury but although this is their main function, Most of the time, you’ll need your boots to be fit for purpose whether you spend most of the day working at height, on the ground, in the wet the various conditions faced day in day out by user. Last but definitely not least, they need to be comfortable.

Our range of Renova boots have been designed with all this in mind whilst still making sure your feet get the protection they need.

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